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You could pay off your plan with less than 1 sale per month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is data updated daily ? Data updates every second
  • How many products seen daily ? Each day their is about 10K+ new Shopify products analyzed.
  • Can i cancel my subscription ? Yes you can.
  • How winning products & ads are selected ? Last 2 days orders & post engagement or engagement ratios , links trafic , must be new and alot of other private factors.

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Absolute satisfaction guarantee

The program is risk free 99% chance that you will if you have what it takes make a lot of money, that we guarantee 100%, if you're not abile to get sales using rising products section,you must have the problem because they are already selling :(

Things to note before you start winning
  • The Products and the Advertise Page, We do it for you in these pages we select only the top best products based on perfoamnce from milions of products and the selection is updated hourly we know what's new and old we know what gonna sell and not, In the Advertise Page we select based on Shopify products data also based on ads, This result is extreem treinding products its a gold mine.

  • The Products Page, We select for you only the top products based on daily data collected from 2.5 Million shopify store we keep tracking each store new product and analyze the statistics for each products and a based on that we select the winners.

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